Writing Prompts IX. – Meet Cutes

Meet Cutes:

I. Character A is a worker at a museum and Character B is fascinated with all things history.

II. Character B saves Character A from getting run over by a car. (*Bonus: Lands on top of each other)

III. Character A catches Character B after Character B slips on ice.

IV. Both reach for the final donut at a bakery.

V. Character A is a mailman and Character B sends way too many letters for it to be normal.

VI. Both reach for the same book at a bookstore. (*Bonus: Ends up sharing the book with their shoulders touching)

VII. Character B doesn’t understand math and Character A happens to be in their class, they help Character B.

VIII. Both of their dogs fall in love with each other at first sight and run away from their owners to meet. Thus having character A and character B meet each other.

IX. Character A is swimming in the ocean when they start to drown and end up meeting Character B, who’s a mermaid.

X. Character A works as a florist, character B works at a cafe across the street, and one day a customer (character C) notices the two stare at one another; creating a situation in which they meet one another.

Writing Prompts VIII. – Dialogue II.


XI. “Ever since then I’ve been deeply afraid of the ocean and afraid of losing someone else…”

XII. “Cannot believe the con-artist met his match.”

XIII. “Opposites attract? Bullshit.”

XIV. “You’re supposed to be on my side!”

XV. “Better keep your mouth shut. You will not ruin this.”

XVI. “Do I wish to marry her? No. Must I for the sake of the house? Yes.”

XVII. “That crown is mine. The money is mine. The prince is mine.”

XVIII. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the cops on you right now.”

XIX. “Communication the old fashion way. No phones.”

XX. “Does the huff and puff smoker have a name?”

Writing Prompts II. – Dialogue


I. “This is prison…”

II. “He will love her like a friend will never love her.”

III. “If you don’t like me then why are you still here?”

IV. “I trust you Character A.”

V. “I have a sad past.”

VI. “I can only remember the little things.”

VII. “We changed this place for the better.”

VIII. “I’m glad I met you, you brought out the real me.”

IX. “Why would I need mittens?”

X. “This isn’t what I expected when I made that wish…”

Writing Prompts I. – Plots


I. Character A, a depressed twenty year old. After crying one day she goes downs to Scoops to get ice cream and meets Character B. After their meeting she finds a friend in Character B and eventually stops going there for ice cream.

II. Character A and Character B never expected to have a conversation through just sticky notes, but one thing led to another and it became communication without voices.

III. At 11:11 Character A wished for something she lost hope in long ago, it was freedom. At 11:12 Character B entered her life through her bedroom window, he needed a hiding place from the cops. We all have done it at some point in our lives. On 11:11 we wished for something that we didn’t know if it would come true or not. Character A never believed in those types of things, but Character B might just change her mind.

IV. Character A and Character B share an apartment together and are close friends. As a desperate favor, Character A asks Character B to pretend to be her girlfriend because her relatives are visiting from out of state for the week and she agrees.

V. Meet the Character A aka The Masked Thief, one of the only two top burglars in New York City. She steals for the good, but when a heist in a museum by the first top team of burglars that work for the criminals gets out of hand, she has to make a quick pit stop in a strangers bedroom as a hide out. Thus, she meets the most arrogant smart ass, Character B who ended up becoming an accomplice.