Story Excerpt III.



She should’ve expected it, she supposed, life had never been kind to her. Trapped in a castle for over seventeen years of her life to finally get out into the world she realized she knew nothing about; to find out that her whole life had been a lie. Things had been too calm lately. It was only a matter of time until shit turned south. Peering up at the towering monstrosity that landed on their airship, its eyes unflinchingly locked on her rather than the others. All she could do was feel a sense of resigned apathy. Shoulders slumping, she waited silently with her bow and arrow ready, to see just how life intended to fuck her over this time.

It watched her closely, also waiting. Eventually, it made its way toward her. The people beside her got ready with their weapons. Sword and shapeshifter to her left with daggers and quarterstaff to her right. She closed one eye, breathed in, let the power of the Sypher shard take control, pulled the arrow back, and breathed out. Just as she breathed out, she let her arrow that had glowed green go straight into the monsters one eye.

However, the monster took it out and threw it back at her. With the arrow going toward her, eyes went wide. She tried to dodge only to feel a sharp sting in her shoulder. She fell to her knees barely able to hold the bow and arrow up. She watched as the monster easily dodged the others attempts at attacking. It made its way over to her never breaking eye contact. She shivered, but she had accepted her fate as soon as it laid it eyes on her.

Story Excerpt II.


Talia Faith Rossetti

Eighteen years old 

Born February 2nd, 1999

Attempted Flight on November 6th, 2018

The day Talia wanted to take flight was the day she created an intricate plan in order to have no one stop her succeeding in flying. She believed that flying was the perfect escape that she needed it from it all. From the life that treated her so terribly.

Her home life. It wasn’t perfect. No family is. However, hers was filled with hate. Parents are divorced, which meant she meant from one home to another every weekend. Her father is an alcoholic. A word that Talia would never mention out loud due to repercussions. It was a battle with her father every day. A reason why she enjoyed being with her mother more despite her ignoring Talia. She was a workaholic. She worked all day and night when she wasn’t on the phone with Talia’s father yelling at him for things she held onto from the past. If you asked Talia, she’d rather be ignored than beaten.

Her school life. Bullied throughout her freshman year up until her senior year of high-school. Wasn’t planning on going to college, so to her, it didn’t matter. She used to be quiet the social type in the beginning. Until the rumors happened. Rumors that she was gay. It spread across the school like wildfire. It was a traditional school. After being caught kissing another girl by a freshman who took a picture and sent it to everyone through email. She lost all of her friends that were female. They didn’t want to “catch” whatever she had.

Those were the two main reasons she had chosen to fly. She was at the train tracks opposite of town on the right side. It was supposed to be barren. She expected to be alone, at peace and filled the anticipation of when the train comes. The train came by every few hours. When it came by it made the loudest noise that anyone from town could hear. What they wouldn’t hear would be the sound of Talia soaring.

However, she wasn’t alone. There was someone else there as well.

She didn’t realize that someone else might find interest in the train tracks but for an entirely different reason. She had been hanging around the train for hours unknowingly with someone else. She wasn’t surprised when no one by the third hour came to look for her. He figured no one must’ve cared enough to notice her presence due to the fact that they would’ve found her or looked for her by then. That is the reason she didn’t expect someone else to be there with her on the opposite side of the tracks.

Talia put one foot in front of the other. She stopped right in the middle of the tracks. She closed her eyes as she heard the sound of the train coming in the distance.

Until she heard yelling.

She turned his head next to her in confusion to see a young man around her age. He dressed as though he was back in the olden days; vintage everything with a hint of modern. There was a Polaroid camera around his neck with one hand holding onto it. He was waving the free hand toward her. It was clear he was trying to get her attention.

She ignored him.

After a minute, she felt an impact and a brief touch.

Excerpt LVII.

They leave each other princesses come the night

Came the solider                 very much tired said, “All quite safe”

They pulled their shoes went bed

The Solider                 what happened to see adventure

The third night the princesses returned home

The solider               of golden came to secret

Before king        the princesses listening behind the door

Hera, “Where my                    Daughters?”

He answered, “With                                     princes underground”

The solider confessed it all

The solider choose wife

They married

The solider                                                     chosen the kings heir