Writing Prompts I. – Plots


I. Character A, a depressed twenty year old. After crying one day she goes downs to Scoops to get ice cream and meets Character B. After their meeting she finds a friend in Character B and eventually stops going there for ice cream.

II. Character A and Character B never expected to have a conversation through just sticky notes, but one thing led to another and it became communication without voices.

III. At 11:11 Character A wished for something she lost hope in long ago, it was freedom. At 11:12 Character B entered her life through her bedroom window, he needed a hiding place from the cops. We all have done it at some point in our lives. On 11:11 we wished for something that we didn’t know if it would come true or not. Character A never believed in those types of things, but Character B might just change her mind.

IV. Character A and Character B share an apartment together and are close friends. As a desperate favor, Character A asks Character B to pretend to be her girlfriend because her relatives are visiting from out of state for the week and she agrees.

V. Meet the Character A aka The Masked Thief, one of the only two top burglars in New York City. She steals for the good, but when a heist in a museum by the first top team of burglars that work for the criminals gets out of hand, she has to make a quick pit stop in a strangers bedroom as a hide out. Thus, she meets the most arrogant smart ass, Character B who ended up becoming an accomplice.

Author Spotlight Announcement I.

If you haven’t read my Announcement II., I’ve posted updates on my schedule and what to expect from this blog! Something that I want to make it’s own announcement is the Author Spotlight!

Author Spotlight: Author Spotlight is when I shine the light on YOU and give you a chance to promote your work, your books, your poetry, ANYTHING related to writing etc. all on my website! I will be doing one author spotlight a week on Saturdays! Starting TODAY I will be accepting any submissions (you can contact me here: Contact) on poetry, your books, writing prompts, ANYTHING related to writing! Starting TODAY I will be posting an Author Spotlight! So look out for those because you could be on Author Spotlight!

*If there is a high amount of submissions for Author Spotlight I will be making a list and you will be added onto that list to be featured!*