Book Review XIV.


Title: Girl Last Seen

Author: Nina Laurin

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: 2017

Edition: 2017

Pages: 342

Special Features: None

Summarization: A decade after escaping from a kidnapper who held her prisoner for three years, a young woman must face the reality that he’s taken another little girl. Thirteen years ago, Ella Santos existed. Now that girl is gone, replaced by Lainey Moreno, an acerbic woman who subsists on cigarettes and whatever pills she can find, trying desperately to forget the years she spent locked in a basement with the man who raped her. Until she sees a missing poster for 10-year-old Olivia Shaw, privileged where Lainey was poor, loved where Lainey was neglected.

Review: Two girls kidnapped. Thirteen years apart. A thriller/horror with a taste of romance that will leave you breathless. Each move the character makes you feel like she’s making three steps forward and one step back each time. You start to try the solve the kidnapping yourself and try to piece the clues together.

If you like a story that has a thrilling beginning, middle, and end this is the book for you.


Book Review XIII.


Title: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Publisher: ST. Martins Griffin

Publication Date: 2013

Edition: 2013

Pages: 433

Special Features: None

Summarization: Cath Avery arrives for the first day of her freshman year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln clutching a box of Simon Snow paraphernalia, only to find a boy loitering in her room. Cath had hoped to room with her twin sister, Wren, but Wren wanted to live in a different dorm with an unknown roommate.

Review: If you like Rainbow Rowell’s series of YA books, you’ll surely love this classic tale with a nerdy twist. Fangirl really does show what a fangirl is really like in the modern day era with a hint of technology.

I suggest this book for anyone who wants to have the first-time college experience again along with first time love between two characters, one who happens to be the sheltered computer nerd type that gets out of her shell throughout the story.


Book Review XII.


Title: #Famous

Author: Jilly Gagnon

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Publication Date: 2017

Edition: 2017

Pages: 371

Special Features: None

Summarization: In this modern day love story: Girl likes boy. Girl snaps photo and posts it online. Boy becomes insta-famous. And what starts out as an innocent photo turns into a whirlwind adventure that forces them both to question whether fame—and love—are worth the price…and changes both of their lives forever.

Told from alternating points of view, #famous captures the sometimes-crazy thrill ride of social media and the equally messy but wonderful moments of liking someone in real life.

Review: A modern day love story with a twist. The internet. It can give people connections, make them famous and just like the title of this book, that is what it does for these love struck teens.

They deal with the hate, the love, and the rest of the world as their love story unfolds. If you want an Eleanor and Park meets the social media world, I suggest this book to you. It’s a heartwarming, funny tale that gets the readers attention right from the get go.