GOLA: Reflection

Generations of Love Anthology:


            Throughout the semester of working on my final portfolio my writing process and choosing which pieces to include reflected on who I am as a person and as a writer. As a person, each piece introduces a side of my family and I that not many people have seen before. It gives an insight into our lives and small pieces of our souls. As a writer, these pieces articulate my writing process by showing the final product of said writing pieces. The countless of drafts that I’ve worked on have made my writing improve throughout the semester. In this reflection I will be talking about my anthology: Generations of Love, a brief explanation of my writing process, and why I selected what I selected to include in my anthology.

I decided to call the anthology Generations of Love because the word generations come from my writing pieces where I spoke about my family specifically about my mother, father, aunt, uncle, Oba-chan, and Opo. The word love comes from the love that I have for everybody in my family including myself. My writing pieces include all of those family members I’ve said above and myself. Each writing piece and its process was a long one. Each piece started off as one or two pages with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. With some added dialogue in a few of the pieces to make it more realistic to the audience reading it. After getting some feedback from my classmates throughout the semester I expanded on each of those pieces from one to two pages and turning it into three to four and even five pages long. The writing process took a while for me because at some points during the writing process I would get stuck on whether or not to include a certain paragraph or change the title of my piece. The reason why I over thought about whether to include a certain body paragraph or not is because I thought that body paragraphs should only focus on the topic at hand. I would go off track slightly in my body paragraphs and needed to know from my peers whether or not I should keep that in. I realized that I can keep that in as long as it relates to the topic and brings the topic back into the writing piece.

I selected each writing piece based off of the title of my anthology and the idea that I wanted to bring to life of writing about myself and my family to give people insight on our lives and who they are in my point of view. For example, Opo Kisses is a story about my Opo and my memories with her that I had before she passed away. For A World, A Girl it is a story about myself and how people make assumptions about me without truly knowing me. For F A M I L Y, it is all about my aunt, my uncle, my mother, and my father and how I view them based on their actions and personality traits. And Lastly, for Oba-Chan Petals it is about the relationship between her and my father while talking about memories that we both have with her. I selected each piece because I wanted to be able to express my love for my family and myself. I wanted to be able to recall the memories with those that have passed away and those who are still alive today.

To conclude, my writing process was a work in progress, but I truly am happy with the writing pieces that I created. The final product of the pieces I feel really brought out who I am, who my family is, and who the people that passed away were. My selection for the final portfolio really reflects on myself and my family. Overall, I feel that this project really brought back memories for me and I’m content with the final produet.