Author Spotlight II. – Meg Undressed

Title: Meg Undressed

Author: Meg


It’s a blog about my personal experiences, with an angle to deciphering my mental health.

Meg Undressed

Blog Review on Meg Undressed:

Meg Undressed, a blog about a young adult woman named Meg that writes about her mind, her experiences, describes what she has as a ‘tangle brain’, and decided to start exploring what it means to live her best life.

Throughout reading her blogs one stood out to me among the rest. It’s called Dear Meg,. This written piece was very interesting to me as it is a letter to herself on how to not give up and to do what she loves. As she writes this letter/blog to herself she encourages herself to keep doing creative things whether it be art or writing, she wants herself to know to continue to interact with something creative. Even if it’s just for five minutes to do something creative. That is the inspiration people need in their lives and Meg Undressed is here to give that to us all.

Her other work is also just as amazing and inspirational. She speaks upon breakups, BPD/EUPD facts, how ‘New Year New Me’ Can Fuck Right Off (taken from her title of her blog), and more!

Her blog is different, new, insightful, and fresh.

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