Author Spotlight Announcement I.

If you haven’t read my Announcement II., I’ve posted updates on my schedule and what to expect from this blog! Something that I want to make it’s own announcement is the Author Spotlight!

Author Spotlight: Author Spotlight is when I shine the light on YOU and give you a chance to promote your work, your books, your poetry, ANYTHING related to writing etc. all on my website! I will be doing one author spotlight a week on Saturdays! Starting TODAY I will be accepting any submissions (you can contact me here: Contact) on poetry, your books, writing prompts, ANYTHING related to writing! Starting TODAY I will be posting an Author Spotlight! So look out for those because you could be on Author Spotlight!

*If there is a high amount of submissions for Author Spotlight I will be making a list and you will be added onto that list to be featured!*

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