Announcement II.

Hey Cherries!

I have created a posting schedule I’d like all of you to see because there are new things that I have made that I think will benefit both my website and you guys! I will explain each of the subjects so you know what to expect from me πŸ™‚

Poetry: There will be DAILY poetry written by me, myself, and I! At least 3 posts a day!

Writing Prompts: There will be writing prompts so you guys can get your creative juices flowing from paragraphs to dialogue to full on plots! These writing prompts will be posted on Monday and Thursday! So look out for those!

Best Books: Best Books is where I will be posting in my opinion, the best books to read from subjects like: Romance, Disney retellings, Humor, Christmas, etc. I’ve already done a Best Books for Mystery so here’s a direct link to it: Best Books I. – For Mystery! I will be posting these on Tuesday and Sunday!

Hidden Treasures: Hidden Treasures is where I will be posting YOUR GUY’S blogs, instagram posts, poetry, ANYTHING that I find interesting and want to promote from you guys! Hidden Treasures is once a week on Wednesday! So look out for that because you might be featured!

Book Reviews: I will be doing book reviews twice a week on Monday and Friday! Look out for those!

Lastly, Author Spotlight: Author Spotlight is when I shine the light on YOU and give you a chance to promote your work, your books, your poetry, ANYTHING related to writing etc. all on my website! I will be doing one author spotlight a week on Saturdays! Starting TODAY I will be accepting any submissions (you can contact me here: Contact) on poetry, your books, writing prompts, ANYTHING related to writing! Starting THIS SATURDAY I will be posting an Author Spotlight! So look out for those because you could be on Author Spotlight!

*If there is a high amount of submissions for Author Spotlight I will be making a list and you will be added onto that list to be featured!*

Here is the posting schedule for a clearer image of when I will be posting all these!


Everyday: Poetry
Monday: Writing Prompts & Book Review
Tuesday: Best Books
Wednesday: Hidden Treasures
Thursday: Writing Prompts
Friday: Book Review
Saturday: Author Spotlight
Sunday: Best Books

I hope you guys like my new ideas and will support me through this new journey of helping you guys out as well as myself!

Take care and happy reading! πŸ™‚

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