Story Excerpt III.



She should’ve expected it, she supposed, life had never been kind to her. Trapped in a castle for over seventeen years of her life to finally get out into the world she realized she knew nothing about; to find out that her whole life had been a lie. Things had been too calm lately. It was only a matter of time until shit turned south. Peering up at the towering monstrosity that landed on their airship, its eyes unflinchingly locked on her rather than the others. All she could do was feel a sense of resigned apathy. Shoulders slumping, she waited silently with her bow and arrow ready, to see just how life intended to fuck her over this time.

It watched her closely, also waiting. Eventually, it made its way toward her. The people beside her got ready with their weapons. Sword and shapeshifter to her left with daggers and quarterstaff to her right. She closed one eye, breathed in, let the power of the Sypher shard take control, pulled the arrow back, and breathed out. Just as she breathed out, she let her arrow that had glowed green go straight into the monsters one eye.

However, the monster took it out and threw it back at her. With the arrow going toward her, eyes went wide. She tried to dodge only to feel a sharp sting in her shoulder. She fell to her knees barely able to hold the bow and arrow up. She watched as the monster easily dodged the others attempts at attacking. It made its way over to her never breaking eye contact. She shivered, but she had accepted her fate as soon as it laid it eyes on her.

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