Story Excerpt I.

When Perseus met Ophelia

Perseus was the type of person to stare at his phone every few minutes. Even if there was no notification, he would look at it out of habit.

His habit got him into a bit of trouble. Would often run into glass walls, poles, and people. He earned a couple of laughs from passerby’s in the past.

However, this time he only gets fits of gasps and questions from an unexpected blonde bombshell. He didn’t bother checking if it was safe to walk across the street, but he did, however, check his phone for the tenth time that morning. He scrolled through his social media nonchalantly not aware that a car with a driver texting was headed straight for him.


Ophelia was the type of person that took vintage photos on her Polaroid. Her eyes were always looking through a lens, whether it be her camera or her digital camera that had a vintage filter on it. She normally took pictures of the scenery, busy people walking on the streets, nature, and even people sometimes.

Her habit got her a job as a rookie journalist for The Daily Chronicle. Her recent story gave her a writer’s block. Despite not believing in that, she had one. She decided to get out of the office and take a walk with her headphones to get ideas.

However, instead of taking a normal walk like she had originally planned. She only goes into a panic with her headphones falling out of her ears with her running towards a male that is standing in the middle of the street. No one else around them had seen it, but a car was headed straight for him. She wasn’t about to stand there and do nothing.


So, she saved his life.

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