Book Review II.


Title: Here Lies Daniel Tate

Author: Cristin Terrill

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publication Date: 2017

Edition: 2017

Pages: 387

Special Features: N/A

Summarization: A young, street-savvy runaway looking for a place to call home realizes he might have conned his way into the wrong family in this “unique suspense novel with twists.”

Review: With an unreliable narrator as the narrator himself, this young street savvy con artist had conned his way into the wrong family. A family just as much secrets that he has himself. You read as the character Daniel Tate, who isn’t Daniel Tate. His real name? Never tells it.

Overall, it is a mystery within a mystery. You going into the novel not believing anything our main narrator and character says, to believing him, and then back to not believing in him. He doesn’t know anything about the family and neither do you. You go with him on this journey to discover who they really are, while discovering who Daniel Tate really is as well.

If you’re someone that likes suspense at every page turn, mystery, crime, heartbreak, and unreliable narrators then this is the book for you.