Excerpt XII.

My ears are accustomed to her voice. I could hear it despite the thunder and lighting surrounding us. Her voice makes even the clearest of minds go blurry. I lose my sense of direction around her.

The color of her eyes went from a warm brown to an icy blue. She turns me into a shipwreck after the storm once it’s over, but the adventure is one I would want to live again.


Excerpt XI.

She’ll touch me and I’ll feel a shiver go down my back. Her touch where her fingers met my skin still lingers. It’s hard to breathe with the cold air surrounding me. I begin to suffocate every-time she does that.

It hurts to watch her; she’s the thunder during the storm. She’s too cloudy for my eyes. It’s hard to look at her. It’s even harder to turn away when we’re staring at each other so lost. I believe I’m going blind from the fog.